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[the basics] Kez. 25. Australian living in Northern California.
[personality traits] Open-minded. Opinionated. Passionate. Shy when you don't know me, dorky when you do.
[causes] Pro-choice. Gay rights. Animal rights.
[shows] Merlin. One Tree Hill. The Hills. America's Next Top Model. Dr. Phil. Law and Order: SVU.
[actors] Bradley James. Colin Morgan. Denzel Washington. Zac Efron. John Travolta. Michael Cera. Rob Pattinson. Morgan Freeman. Matt Damon.
[actresses] Angel Coulby. Katie McGrath. Ellen Page. Kristen Stewart. Hilarie Burton. Sophia Bush. Keira Knightley. Drew Barrymore.
[music] Christina Aguilera. Justin Timberlake. Beyonce. Eminem. Timbaland. Taylor Swift. Death Cab For Cutie.

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